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As animal lovers we know LIFE IS BETTER WITH A PET – however, they can’t look after themselves. This is why we’ve created our unique product…

BioAktiv cq is exclusive in design and superior to other health supplements on the market, as it is designed to treat all aspects of your pets health and performance – NATURALLY!!

Review the frequently asked questions below to find out more about BioAktiv cq Formula and please contact us if you require more information.

What is BioAktiv cq?

BioAktiv, developed by Civil Engineer Bert Barth in 1994, is a totally natural and organic animal feed additive and plant food product.

The main constituent of BIoAktiv is calcium carbonate (chalk) and sodium chloride (salt). These act as a natural dispersement agent for various formulated bioresonance frequencies embedded. The resulting products have shown and have been used to improve animal, plant conditions, soil and water quality. No chemical solution is used.

There are no harmful effects as the product is certified organic and uses the science of formulated physics

Our testimonials speak for themselves – read what some of our clients have to say about BioAktiv cq.

Is BioAktiv cq safe for my animals?

Yes. Extensive testing has been done on a range of domestic pets and livestock to ensure your animals are safe to use our products.

Bioaktiv cq has been used on a wide range of animals including: dogs, cats, chickens, horses, goats, cattle, and also plants.

What are the benefits of using BioAktv cq?

The energy in just 1 gram a day can assist with:

  • Immune System
  • Flea and tick reduction
  • Coat Lustre
  • Mood
  • Skin condition and allergies
  • Body, Kennel and toileting odour neutraliser
  • Older pets – mobility, arthritis and energy
  • Focus and recovery for active pets
  • Disease and illness prevention
  • Digestion
How can one product do it all - How does it work?

When BioAktiv cq Formula is ingested, the ‘oxygen information’ in the product assists to activate various living cells in the animal’s digestive system and enhances their functioning. These cells include the G cells, gastric chief cells and parietal cells that function together to produce gastric juices to digest protein in the stomach, as well as the epithelial cells of villi in the small intestine where most of the nutrients are absorbed.

By enhancing the functioning of these cells, our Formula assists to improve the overall efficiency of the digestive system and nutrient absorption process. Better nutrient absorption naturally leads to healthier growth of the animal.

PLUS it can also be described as as a “biological conditioner”, which influences and improves the natural bacterial processes that occur in the digestive system and the overall health of your pet.

What are the origins of BioAktiv cq?

BioAktiv cq was formed as a result of research carried out in the mid nineties by a homeopath Ramona Woolf and Engineer Adbert Bart, who devised a system based broadly on the bio resonance principle whereby they were able to introduce oxygen information into substances such as chalk and salt with specific trace elements added. This resulted with varying the timed operation to the product.

Have their been any trials?

Yes, through university and commercial trials such as Lehr and Versuchsanstalt, Iden, Germany and University of Queensland, Gatton, have shown improvement and positive results when taking BioAktiv cq. Research also conducted overseas has indicated that BioAktiv cq improves feed digestibility and the immune system, reduces methane, ammonia (dropping odour) and nitrous oxide production. Animals feed containing BioAktiv cq are healthier than those on standard diets.

How do I use BioAktiv cq?

BioAktiv cq is very easy to use and involves introducing the product into an animal’s food and/or drinking water.

Formula One is applied by adding it to your animal’s food, in the recommended quantities.

Usage Guide:
Dogs, small to medium: 0.5-1 gms per day
Dogs, large: 1-2 gms per day
Horse: 5 gms twice per week

Formula 2 is applied by adding it in with your animal’s water, in the recommended quantities.

Usage Guide:
1 gm per 20 litres of water

BioAktiv cq assists the animal’s digestive system by breaking down food efficiently and crowding out bad bacteria, which might cause disease. When animals are given Bioaktiv cq, their food is better digested. The benefits are that the animal receives much more nutritional value from its food and may require less food. In addition, odour from its urine and faeces is significantly lessened.

How much does it cost?

Depends on the quanity you buy. Review the product range in our online store for prices.

OR, you can purchase through one of our Distributors if this is more convenient for you.

Is it certified Organic?


BioAktiv cq certified organic


Does your pet have?

  • Bad Breath?
  • Digestive weakness such as bloating, colic, irregular bowel movements, poor appetite, indigestion, excessive flatulence or belching, becomes tired?
  • Increase fleas or flies?
  • Scouring (foals and young horses have diarrhea. How concerned should you be?)?
  • Cranky and stubborn?
  • Smelly kennels?
  • Smelly bowel motions?
  • Been under physical or mental load, tires very quickly?
  • Suffering with physical and emotional stress?
  • Frequent minor infections?
  • A lack lustre skin & coat?
  • Joint problems, or not ageing well?
  • Immune system weakness – frequent running nose & eyes, below par etc?
  • Been exposed to infectious materials such as droppings?
  • Been eating more than it should?
CLICK HERE if you've answered YES to 2 or more Questions.