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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Vincent Leo and Pets are my favourite subject. I am here to assist you to maintain a healthy pet without excessive vet bills.

I’ve been involved in the natural energy medicine world since day one. Born in Papua New Guinea of Chinese, Melanesian and Polynesian parents, the natural way of life was to be respected. I have been on a journey of self-discovery my whole life which led me to studying Naturopathy whilst travelling Europe and Asia learning the art of healing. As a practicing Naturopath my studies & works include:

  • Functional Anatomy – Griffith University
  • Tai Chi and Kung Fu Schools (Institute of Chinese Martial Art)
  • Cert IV in Teaching & Assessment
  • Teen Esteem Programs
  • Stress & Motivational Workshops
  • Health Workshops (Australian College of Natural Health)
  • Co-Founder of the Complementary Medicine Association

But, I have not yet filled the postage stamp!!

So to add to my life is the study of animals and the journey to connect alongside animals…

Vincent Leo


We answer the most frequently asked questions. You can ask one too!

Prevention is Key

Your pets are special no matter how large or small or what kind of breed they are. Pets trust us to do the right thing by them but it is not always clear when a pet becomes ill, only when the disease they are developing becomes more severe do significant symptoms develop.

As a pet owner you should consider your pet’s body language as very important as this is a way for your pet to communicate with you. The body language of an animal can tell a lot about how they are feeling. If changes in their body language are detected, then it may signal the development of a disease.

BIOAKTIV•cq forumla helps protect your pet as it provides an effective method for reducing symptoms related to disease in animals. You will give it a fighting chance if anything should happen.


People with all types of animals are using BioAktiv, whether it be a pooch living in an apartment to working dogs, to racing pigeons….

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Animal Chi

Most science types and non-science people see BIOAKTIV•cq, which is embedded with bioresonance, placed somewhere between shamanism and superstition.

I see it as ANIMAL CHI.

I often discuss BIOAKTIV•cq Formula with colleagues and tell them about the successful outcomes of my treatment. Sometimes they smile tolerantly, some are astonished and say it is all just imagination. Imagination or not, one thing is certain as far as I am concerned – you cannot fool animals – and either they get better or they do not.

I was first introduced to BioAktiv in the late 1990’s and what attracted me to the product was when my friend said “embedded in the product is vibration and frequency which returns the body to the correct balance”.

“Everything in Life is Vibration”
– Albert Einstein

Did you know nature vibrates at different frequencies?

When your pet ingests BIOAKTIV•cq Formula it assists by changing the internal environment and life for the animal becomes fun.

Bugs begin to pack their bags, nothing here to eat!

The Magic Scoop

When your pet ingests BIOAKTIV•cq Formula, embedded in the product is a personal ultra-tune computer that has a set of jobs imprinted in its software that goes about scanning the interior of the animal with the ‘job to do’ list. This is done through the frequency and vibration of the dog’s internal environment. It it matches and a particular station is weak, it will go about adjusting the frequency of that station.

Another way to explain it, is what the Chinese call Chi or Energy. The animal’s body identifies the energy embedded within the product, unlocks it and utilises it.

All your pet needs is 1 gram a day to fight off the 15 most common ailments – that works out to 15 cents a scoop!


Does your pet have?

  • Bad Breath?
  • Digestive weakness such as bloating, colic, irregular bowel movements, poor appetite, indigestion, excessive flatulence or belching, becomes tired?
  • Increase fleas or flies?
  • Scouring (foals and young horses have diarrhea. How concerned should you be?)?
  • Cranky and stubborn?
  • Smelly kennels?
  • Smelly bowel motions?
  • Been under physical or mental load, tires very quickly?
  • Suffering with physical and emotional stress?
  • Frequent minor infections?
  • A lack lustre skin & coat?
  • Joint problems, or not ageing well?
  • Immune system weakness – frequent running nose & eyes, below par etc?
  • Been exposed to infectious materials such as droppings?
  • Been eating more than it should?
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