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What’s small and deadly and loves dog’s blood?

Yep you guessed it. A deadly 6-legged merciless predator artfully called FLEAS that have no wings, and can jump up 100 times their height and 200 times across, and lays up to 500 flea bags per day.

Pretty impressive sucker by anyone’s standard. Its friends also come around for a party, non other than bugsey lice and ticks!

The age-old question how do you control the SUCKER without the cost, time and energy not to mention the other problems that can arise such as dermatitis, hair loss, skin irritation, and aneamia from blood loss.

Vampire of the industry that preys on animals 24 hours 7 days a week

So far in all cases blood is the main contender and without blood the flea cannot survive. You need something that will not make the blood so inviting. It’s never about the fleas or the ticks or the lice it’s the home environment you’ve got to look at – what is inviting them in and what can we change.

Fleas, ticks, bugs, and lice are like kids that never leave home because they are too comfortable, its cheap and they don’t have to work hard for their meals, it’s there 24 hours 7 days a week. Mum and dad do everything for them. They are married to mum and dad, their relationship is strong.

Here’s the thing, your car oil and air must be filtered and cleaned regularly whilst it’s in motion and then every 10,000 thousand or so kilometres you have a service. That involves changing the oil and filters etc and checking that everything is running smoothly. You are made aware of what could be up next so that you are financially prepared.

Well my friend your dog’s main filtering system is the LIVER.


As humans we abuse our liver. We call it SOL… sh*t on the liver. We drink when we are not thirsty, eat when we are not hungry, we eat the wrong foods, have too much sugar, salt and pollute through smoking.

Your pet dog has a liver it does not have the privileges you have in stuffing it up, literally. However, it does have an enemy called the FLEA. And it delivers its SOL, on top of that some of us give dogs too much packet or what I call FAST FOOD instead of what nature provides to a dog. Therefore, it is extremely important we look after the internals of your pet without too much fuss or expense.

Just one scoop

Now just bear with me now.

Your dog’s LIVER is the only organ in the body that can regenerate? A dog’s liver is known to perform over 1000 different tasks. Most of the tasks of the liver are necessary to life and could not be done elsewhere in your dog’s body.

The Liver is an extremely important organ in your dog’s body. It is responsible for many things, such as protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolism, vitamin and mineral storage, produces bile for the digestion of food and detoxification of wastes. When you dog’s LIVER is functioning efficiently it is able to do all the above efficiently. When it is not functioning efficiently then we have little mossie bites. And you know what happens then.

Cost you lots of money at the VET.

So, you ask what’s the liver got to do with fleas, tick, mites, mosquitoes, lice etc?

Easy, assisting the liver with BioAktiv cq formula is like the kids leaving home. Those cosy places in the bugs head where they think “If I stay on top and keep sucking I will be safe and secure and blood will keep coming and so why would I move” are no longer there.

Just one scoop a day and there leaving home.

Your dog trusts you to do the right thing, trusts you to keep it safe – get the scoop NOW!