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Ever been bitten by a mossie? Sure you have!

Small as it is, it is a force to be reckoned with. No matter how tired you are when you hear that buzz you immediately being to change from a mild mannered rational person to a warrior, a stealth slow-moving mosquito assassin, with heat seeking hands of steel waiting quietly to pounce and deliver the deadly blow.

You know that the flying mosquito is more than a heat seeking missile, it can smell you, knows what you’ve drunk, what blood type you are, and you know you’re being stalked by a formidable deadly enemy.

You sense its buzz and coming pain. You know what it is like to be beaten by one or more mosquito.

Now imagine your dog with fleas and you know what it carries, what would it be like if your dog was to be free of the blighters?

Pet illness is like a mossie bite, you don’t know it’s happening, until it’s too late.

The itch from the bite remains long after the mossie is gone or squashed. You are now focussed on the the bite or the symptoms and not the whole body.

Mismanagement of pet health only requires small bites.

Tend to the cause not the symptoms by giving your pet dog a scoop of BioAktiv cq.