obsidian raised on bioaktiv

Obi competed over 4 days at Bundaberg Kennel Club’s Easter Spectacular Shows plus the added event for Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Qld Lure Race.

Obi had 6 conformation events plus 3 x 60m runs on the lure over 4 days. Travelling from Rockhampton to these events is strenuous, plus being away from the home environment, then add in the competition and it’s a very gruelling weekend.

Over this time Obi at just 9 months of age took all this in his stride. His energy levels and concentration were exceptional, along with his recovery from each event. I am very impressed with the results I am seeing from using BioAktiv.

After his 3 x runs on the lure he showed no muscle soreness or fatigue. He was straight back into competition the next morning and never missed a beat.

Healthy, glowing coats thanks to BioAktiv. No assistance needed for that Million Dollar Shine in the Show Ring!

Obsidian has been raised on BioAktiv and is only 9 months old.

Ailsa Crosthwaite from K9 Show Supplies