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BioAktiv? Your cat will love you!


You can see it, feel it and your animals will reward you for it

BIOAKTIV your pet's own personal ultra-tune mechanic.

Working 24/7/365 BIOAKTIV never sleeps always tuning and regulating the internal functions of your pet.

BIOAKTIV is designed to influence and improve the natural bacterial processes that occur in the digestive system,
and the overall health of your pet.

ONE SCOOP a day at just 15 cents is all that is needed, making the day to day running of your pet cheaper.

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… since using Animal Line Formula 1 my dogs are healthy, content and physically at their peek. They also seem to want to work with me and not wonder off doing their own thing. The kennels have less smell, no fleas and although wormed every three months the dogs coats never look dull. Plus, feeds costs have lowered due to not needing to feed as much; they’re utilizing food much more efficiently and this is great when feeding 14 dogs!

Ned and Her Working Dogs

Got the stuff and within four days nearly all of the dogs were not bothered by fleas. On close inspection there were only a few fleas (rather than dozens), very little to no scratching and the existing fleas were not biting the dogs. I would say a 95% improvement!

Ross Allan

Dog Breeder